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I would just like to say how much I love Jessica. Without her, I would not be here. Seriously. I've been with her now for over 4 years. She's been patient with me through several different drug therapies. When I didn't have insurance, they helped me go to the drug companies to get what I needed. I didn't agree with her diagnosis at first, because I was afraid of the "stigma" of the word. I'd gotten the same from many other docs over the years. We tried every med out there for depression and anxiety. I finally gave in and accepted her diagnosis, then the meds she gave me changed everything. She was right all along, but let me come to that conclusion. Otherwise, I would have bolted just like I did with all the other doctors. When you take the right medication, for the right illness, it can be life altering! Now, I'm moving away. I hate losing her as my provider. She has been there with me through the absolute lowest points in my life. I'm going to miss her, she is amazing. Oh, and her staff are great, also. There used to be an "office manager" who was a nightmare. Since she left last year............... awesome. :) Sometimes there is a wait. It's NOTHING like a doc you might visit. She recently added drug testing to her treatment. I also have to go for blood work, now and then. I think it's great. How else is she going to know you are taking your meds? In my case, she can tell if my dosage should be increased. Plus, if someone is doing something that they don't want to show up on a drug test, she needs to know. She's not trying to catch someone doing drugs. Illegal drugs, AND mental meds, don't mix well. Anyway, I am going to miss Jessica and Oasis very much. Not enough to stay in Corpus, mind you, but very much nonetheless. :)---Daisy  5/3/15
 I personally have to give oasis counseling and psychiatry a 5 star rating.. Staff is punctual, cordial n Mrs. Jessica Wilson isn't one of those psychiatrist who doesn't listen n just gives you the old "ummhhmm" or nod of the head n advises you your next appointment like if u were cattle. ON THE CONTRARY, Mrs. Wilson actually listens interacts and has a team of professionals who assist with the various needs in mental health. They have various forms of therapy, ( aroma therapy, massage therapy), various forms of literature to utilize if you are serious about the improvement of your mental state.the Oasis team also has substance abuse meetings etc. That I personally have utilized n has helped me in my walk of sobriety. I've had a couple of psychiatrists but I highly recommend Oasis to anyone. They also have a fair policy in billing n I believe work with medicaid etc. I've come along way personally with the guidance of the Oasis team..thank you sincerely, Jesus D.
Ive been seeing Jessica for about 6 yrs now and i have bi-polar disorder and depression Jessica found the right meds to help me live a happy healthly life to where i can enjoying living again i'm very happy with her and what she has done for me as of today i still see her and i wouldn't change that for anything she is very good at what she does and i trust her with my life, thank you Jessica.  --Kim G.

Jessica saved my life. Because of her, I now want to keep on living. Before I found her clinic, I saw a couple of the local psychiatrists. My experiences with those doctors was so negative. The first place was like a mill. I think I saw the main psychiatrist once, then every time I went back, I saw several different nurse practitioners. They were always behind and my appointments were rushed. It was obvious I was just a source of income to them. Then I went to a woman who was the most uncaring person I've ever met. I got tired of taking one medication after another and none of them working for my depression and no one cared. was on the brink of suicide by the time a friend recommended Jessica. She spent time going over my medications and my history. She figured out what worked and what didn't. She was the first one who CARED about me. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs psychiatric help.-- Carol  5/7/15

WOW!!!!! What a GREAT Nurse Practitioner!!!! I have had issue's for some time now but, the day I met Ms. Wilson is the day I got my life back. She is very caring, thoughtful and understanding. She looked right at me and new that she could help. And help she did. May sound strange but, I love this lady!!!!! So glad I was able to be a client of hers. -- John F  6/23/15

Oasis Counseling and Psychiatry has to be one of the best agencies to get mental health services in all of Corpus Christi. It is primarily due to Jessica Wilson, APRN, MS, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. She has plenty of experience in assessing, diagnosing and prescribing medications when indicated. Not only can you find her services without seeing a psychiatrist, there are Licensed Professional Counselors there along with Massage Therapists. Ms. Wilson envisioned an office where the mind, body and spirit are all encompassing to help individuals reduce their stressors. I highly recommend seeking out Ms. Wilson's expertise for mental health services.-- Peg

I am very pleased with my office visit. The girls in the front office are always friendly and helpful. I was seen very promptly and with little waiting. Jessica Wilson, APRN-PMH, was very attentive to my needs and didn't rush me during the visit. I am very pleased with the outcome of my visit. I highly recommend this office. -- Laura D. 6/17/15


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"I have followed the work of Jessica Wilson, PMHNP, RN, MS with interest and admiration.  As a veteran of our Naval forces, she advanced to the rank of Lieutenant Commander in her work as an Advanced Practice Nurse Practitioner in Psychiatric Medicine. A commissioned officer, she practiced internationally.  Her experience spans many years and countries.  Due to her expertise in the field of Psychiatry, she was assigned duty in areas such as Cuba, Uganda and Morocco.  She is a sought after speaker at medical conventions.  I am very pleased that she and her family have come to serve our patients in Corpus Christi.  Although I admire her credentials, it is the results of her work that I appreciate most.  Her professionalism and insight are greatly needed in these trying times."

I would just like to express my gratitude and thanks to  Jessica Wilson for being there for me when no one else was and help me be able to live a viable life with a very serious debilitating mental Health disorder that I will have to be medicated for and live with the rest of my life and I've had this disorder since I was a little girl and was not diagnosed until I was 40.  Jessica and her staff have been very helpful understanding compassionate and continue to be. Jessica is always there no matter what I need and with and without her I don't know where I'd be right now.  I would recommend anyone who has problems that Jessica can address to go see her I would never see anyone else and I really appreciate it. The methods of treatment including the drug testing is essential in my opinion that she have this testing done considering what she deals with as a position I feel very safe and I trust her completely I'm very grateful that Jessica Wilson is my doctor (NP) and she takes the best care of me than anyone. else I have ever encountered and I and I will always be her patient and recommend her and as often as I can to anybody that needs the services that Dr. Wilson provides She is an exceptional person and NP and I don't know what I would do without her I wouldn't trade it for the world. She implies an excellent staff that has been extremely helpful patient kind and understanding and goes out of their way to do what needs to be done with the clerical side of of Jessica's business all in all I can't think of any other place any other doctor, any other people, that I would want to deal with those issues. Jessica Wilson has made it possible for me to be able to live on an even keel and helps make it possible for me to be the best I can be for myself my family and the people that I love.  I am very grateful again for having. Ms. Wilson in my life and supporting me and taking excellent care of me and ending I would like to again express my extreme gratitude to Jessica Wilson and her staff and I will retain her as my provider forever.  She is excellent and anybody who has her for a doctor is very blessed as I am. Thank you!

Oasis is the premier Mental Health facility in Corpus Christi. Thank you for your care, professionalism, and always making me feel comfortable no matter what the subject. I have personally come such a long way since treatment with Jessica and want to say "Thank You" for your expertise and showing you truly care about your patients. I do not mind the drug testing, and have rarely had a long wait...however, I've never been to a provider's office where there was no wait. That is expected, as I know you take the time with others as you do with me, as required by each patient. Your staff are wonderful and your clinic very comfortable. Thank you again and I give my highest recommendation to your practice.---Joseph E.

I highly recommend everyone to Jessica Wilson! VERY comfortable environment…. I highly respect her for the OUTSTANDING patient care she provides, she also has great staff! She is up and running and ALSO growing because she recently got a new provider to help her.  She is a great provider and every time I go to an appointment she is always so sweet, caring, and genuine.  Give her a chance, she is great and has CHANGED MY LIFE!  --John B. 

 Our Son has been a Patient of Jessica's for almost two years. We are thrilled to have her as his Psychiatric Provider. She is very caring listens to what we have to say about the medications she's prescribes and if the dose needs to be adjusted. Jessica is easy to talk to I love her Staff and have never had any problems making appointments. We have had to wait sometimes longer than usual for our appointment but we drive from Victoria and it's worth the wait we don't have any Psychiatrists in Victoria. Our Son has a complex disorder and Jessica has been very eager to learn as much as she can about it and that is very reassuring to us.--- Tabitha W. 5/26/15



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Jessica is a caring, knowledgeable, and professional psychiatric provider. I feel comfortable talking about any issues in my life and know that her expertise in medication management is trustworthy. I have referred friends and family to her practice. Jessica is empathic and compassionate, never rushes the appointment. If there is a wait time, it is worth it to me.. I highly recommend Jessica Wilson for your mental health care.-- Susan M.


Jessica P. Wilson, PMHNP, RN, BC, MSN

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Jessica Wilson, PMHNP, RN, MSN, BC